Monday, 6 April 2009

"We interrupt this Blog for a special announcement.."


I don't think Nazgul is letting an arcane secret out of the bag by revealing that Mr Wieser - the principal subject of this Blog - reaches a significant moment on Tuesday 7th April 2009 by attaining his 40th year!

Readers will appreciate that the need for this Blog would not exist without the hard work, dedication and vision of this wonderful Austrian musician - pictured above (and a small prize is on offer for any of the followers of these missives to identify the release in question from whence it comes...), so let Nazgul be one of the first to proclaim "Barbarian Birthday Hailz" to Alex for the 7th, and for many more birthdays to come.

Joining me in honouring the guru of Pagan Battle Music I also am grateful to Leigh from Smell the Stench, who passed me the following to post:

"Hails Alex,
Hi mate, hope ya is a great one and you have many more to come
thanks for the support over the years n friendship ya mate Leigh (smell the stench)"

and Padre Adamo, who sent the following greeting:

"Happy Birthday Alex!We met a few years ago and you helped me start my record label. I was a fan of Uruk-Hai and your projects and talking to you was and is a true honor. I do not have the record label anymore, but you will always be my friend and more importantly, my brother. We started MANWE together and even though we lost touch for some time. We are BACK! I truly believe that we will be lifelong friends and I hope one day to visit Austria and wish you a true in-person Happy Birthday. But, for now, this will have to do. Happy Birthday Brother! May you have many more years of happiness and may your valour continue! Cheers brother! - Adam Padre Adamo"

Have a great day, Alex


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