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Title: Tiefenrausch (literally - 'depth intoxication')
Format: Self-released CDr in 2007 with two variants: first 10 coming with flip-over calendar and 2 magnets, remaining pressings without. Both versions with blue CDr disc in 'ejection-style' case plus business card and A5 prints.
Edition: Limited to only 44 hand-numbered pieces in total.

Track Listing:
01. Hydra 7.07
02. Burning Water 6.16
03. The Dream 5.38
04. Burning Water (video)

I've said it before, and doubtless will say it again - no one packages a CDr release like Alex Wieser. This COI release comes in two formats, the first 10 of this limited edition of 44 coming with the addition of two stylish magnets and a flip-over 2008 calendar "Echoes Of The Deep." This latter addition is actually a rather nice idea, each page having a unique photo motif following the submarine theme of the main design. Very atmospheric photographs accompany each month, which in the order January to December bear the titles "Contact, Eternity, Deeper, Ice Age, Waves, Launched, Far Away, Echoes, Attack, Memories, Burning Water, & Back Home."

I have the two versions, as illustrated in the photo above, being #4 in the limited first 10 edition (left side of image), and then #43 in the 'standard' edition.

In a sense COI is a project still finding its feet. The more established AW projects will feature in limited editions of perhaps a 1000 nowadays, with a ready audience for the ambient epics that ensue through Uruk Hai or Hrossharsgrani. The electronica of COI is still something of a new entity on the scene, and hence I suspect the more tentative pressing volumes of this particular venture.

But let me tell you this - for such an EP as this, you could surely find a huge market given the quality of music on offer. The lead track 'Hydra' will be familiar to past readers of my Blog as one of the tracks on the "Horproben" promo-CDr, and its mixture of synths and violin in a pop-classical blend is as lush and regal as ever before. Second track "Burning Water" maintains a more hypnotic rhythm and is much more in the electronica school of music. The video for this is also rather funky, with the colour of the water being altered from blue to yellow/red with great effect. Final track "The Dream" is an out-and-out dance-fest, and anyone listening to this without tapping their toes is either dead from the waist down, or seriously in need of chilling-out!

Despite the limited availability of the piece this release has garnered some positive press on the Internet, notably at Heathen Harvest who sagely concluded:

"This is a very nice collectors item release, and with an upcoming full length album on Beverina Productions, I'm interested in what that will bring"

Probably a step too far for the avid black metal / viking hordes who embrace the old-school Hrossharsgrani projects, and possibly too left-field and commercial even for the fans of the neo-classical face of Elisabetha, nevertheless I'd encourage you to suspend any inherent dislike of trance/dance music and give this one a spin.....the results are to say the least impressive.

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