Thursday, 23 April 2009


Band: Various Artists [WACH]
Title: Apocalyptic Steams
Format: CD release on the Apocalyptic Radio label (Germany) catalogue reference AR032 in 2008
Edition: Limited to 250 hand-numbered pieces.

Track Listing:
01 Steel Hook Prostheses - Choosing Death
02 MX Nihil - Antisexassault
03 N.Strahl.N - Antidot
04 Noiseconcrete - Harakiri
05 Brechen - Narbe
06 Errare Humanum Est - Naked Religious Truth
07 Tod Durch Arbeit - Happy Workers
08 Praying For Oblivion - Umspanner II
09 Atrox - Shadow On Phobos
10 Wach - Experiment Heimet 6.15
11 Moral Fraktal - Mantra
12 Antracot - Inferno
13 Vronthor - Deformity Society
14 Kadaver - The Pale Face Of Horror

A hard to find compilation CD from the Apocalyptic Radio label, well known and regarded for their releases encompassing Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Noise and Experimental Sound genres.

Our principal interest in this compilation is at track 10, where WACH make an appearance with "Experiment Heimet." Once again, it's time to fear for your sanity as Reverend Kim and Herr Insomnia take to the airwaves with a brooding and pulsating electronic ambient assault that is both dark and intense in nature, and uncompromising in approach.

Unique to this release, it's a great track for generating an unsettling atmosphere! And here's todays 'top tip' from Nazgul: play this at just-audible levels late at night when you have friends over for a splendid psychological reaction!

The entire CD was well reviewed at the Heathen Harvest website, where their specific comment on the track in question was thus:

"Apocalyptic Radio is a label housing a wide variety of electronic artists such as Crossbreed, Shadow Theater and TZII. Mostly composed of Power Electronics and Noise this album might seem quite straightforward in dealing with genres, but still in the midst are a few really great really dark ambient acts such as Atrox and Wach"

and by the gods, how right they are. From 'murky' beginnings to a steadily building crescendo this is a very good listen indeed.

My thanks to Herr Insomnia for sending me #43 of this limited release as a gift some months ago, along with a number of other items that I'd been seeking.....a corker if ever there was one!

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