Friday, 13 March 2009


Title: Lesungen Zum Prinzip Der Unschuld
Format: 1 track, 3" mini-CDr in folded paper-sleeve released as a bonus disc on only the first 25 copies of the digipak CD pressing of "Uber Das Prinzip Der Unschuld" (itself limited to 500 copies) on the Beverina label (Latvia) in 2007.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 25

Track Listing:
01. Lesungen Zum Prinzip Der Unschuld 22.49

This was a case of buy fast or miss out - a very strongly limited edition of just the first 25 of the digipak pressing of the 2007 Elisabetha album "Uber Das Prinzip Der Unschuld" carried this 3" CDr (mine is #23), with its single, lengthy bonus track.

I was lucky - I had my order in for the main album before I realised that there would be a special edition at all, so after some scrambling and a swift flurry of emails to the helpful folk at Beverina a copy of the limited edition was obtained!

In essence a straightforward track musically, with some haunting melodies created by an acoustic guitar sound over a bell with background synth/wind effect overlaying the whole, this I find to be a striking piece of music. The deep, spoken vocals come courtesy of "Seigor", who is a member of German BM band Grabschänder and very appropriate to the atmosphere they are too.

It's something of an immersion in an other-worldly, slightly discordant-yet-entirely-harmonious piece of music - there's always something nibbling at the edge of your senses as you listen to this, which generates a sense of unease. The piece develops nicely over its duration with the core melody underpinning the whole song (and I'm sure I heard a cuckoo clock in the mix somewhere on the way too, either that or I need to get some better speakers on this stereo!?)

This style is the 'new' direction for Elisabetha, in so far as the vampyric 'radio-play' demo tapes released in the early days of the band have been superceded by this more single-minded musical approach (frequently dubbed as 'neo-classical' online). I guess this is largely a result of the fact that the original (unholy) triumvirate that formed Elisabetha eventually gave way to this being a solo-project from Alex....

In any event, a very interesting mini-CD and one that I tend to play a lot in the evenings: just be warned, that quiet, hypnotic lyric at the end of the disc can be a little unnerving if you're just dozing off......the sudden end makes it seem as though something rather gruesome is imminent!

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