Monday, 9 March 2009


Title: Fear Of The Deep
Format: 1 track 'credit card' mini-CDr (blue disc) which comes housed in a glossy colour card within a plain white envelope paper, and contains three magnetic cards: one large and one small one of the cover image, and a second small one showing the recording details together with hand-written edition number. W.A.R. Studios release (Austria), November 2007.
Edition: Only 19 hand-numbered copies pressed

Track Listing:

01. Fear Of The Deep 3.48

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Well, I'd propose a third one to that adage - that Alex Wieser releases CD's packaged like no other.

A spectacularly presented mini-CDr complete with magnets, glossy card (professionally printed) and a rather splendid credit-card style disc - and all for just 19 units pressed. I was fortunate to obtain #1 from Alex directly, and treasure this particular piece.

A single track release, which has received considerable acclaim on the Web and is also available to hear on the band's MySpace page if you missed out on the limited run - the Kulturterrorismus webpage called it "a spectacular homage to the ancient heroes of DAF" - this is basically excellent synth-pop that exudes both a dark atmosphere and a very danceable nature. Indeed, the wife of Nazgul was heard to pass favourable opinion on this disc when it was spinning in the death-deck the other evening, which is high praise indeed....

I'm not familiar with DAF as a group, but this to my ears is well executed, catchy and very enjoyable electronica. It's a short piece, but then as a taster to other forthcoming works it serves it purpose nicely as you really do want to hear more.

A very, very different project from many of Alex's other bands it is none the less a welcome development that surely will gain a cult following of its own soon.

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