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Title: Acidhumanix
Format: 3" CDr release in the Foghorn series (through Apocalyptic Radio, Germany), recorded in 2006 & released in 2008, catalogue reference fh06. Copies came in white envelope with double-sided colour postcard-sized inlay
Edition: only 50 hand-numbered copies were pressed.

Track Listing:
01. Acidhumanix

For reasons lost in the history of time I ended up with two of these (#8 and #12), both signed and dedicated by Alex, and both filed in different parts of my collection until I re-found them whilst writing this entry. There is only one card inlay per release (other than the one the CDr is mounted on) - I've shown the both front and back of the colour inlay in the photo above to give a bit more detail!

Formally ascribed as a joint release with Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori, this release (in the limited edition Foghorn 3" CDr series) is a hard one to pin down. On paper it looks great - combine the occasionally avant-garde EBM industrialism of Bonemachine with Kenji Siratori, known for experimental prose and nonlinear narrative (he is part of the 'bizzaro' movement in literature - see Wikipedia for more details!)

In practice it's one of those releases that for what ever reason (for me, at least) seems to go in one ear and straight out of the other. At least I have two copies - I can send them into both ears simultaneously and hope something sticks in the middle....

It's not a poor release - far from it. The music is classic Bonemachine of this period: heavily industrial in feel, some moderately catchy machine-derived rhythms, and enough variety to keep you interested. Perhaps I'm not attuned to the lyrical content quite yet (the card inlay gives you the stream-of-consciousness lyrics for this track, which is both helpful and impenetrable at one and the same time) or perhaps my expectations were raised too much by the inclusion of a modern literary 'star' without me really understanding the nature of his writing?

It was not a CD that I played much after I'd given it a few spins on receiving it initially, and it obviously lay relatively lost and forgotten on my shelves hence me having bought a second with no recollection of the first! In playing it again this week ahead of this post I'm still of the view that it's simply not memorable enough to register deeply in my psyche.

I asked Alex about his work with Kenji, and these were his thoughts:

"When did you first work with Kenji?"
It was back in 2006, I asked Kenji to add some vocals to a BONEMACHINE track and "Acidhumanix" was the result.

"How did this collaboration come to happen - did you approach him with a particular project?"
I have some of his split albums at home and I like the way he speak in Japanese language to the tracks of different bands and I thought it would fits perfect with my kind of music - I asked him to listen to my tracks and he liked it too...

"What attracted you to his work?"
The totally different culture/ language

"How do you record with him - do you send music for him to put lyrics to, or do you take his lyrics and set them to music?"
He sent (by upload) his spoken words and I created the music around it :-)

Final thoughts....? Well, I shall press on with this one, and who knows - after repeated plays it may all make sense. Certainly a collectable, and the early CDr in the Foghorn series are pretty much sold out in most places now so you may find it a tough release to find in any event.....

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