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Title: United
Format: Cassette Tape only release on A.M.F. (Bulgaria), 2006 (AMF027), split tape with Italian ambient band Symbiosis
Edition: un-numbered pressing of only 500
Track Listing:
Uruk Hai
1. Hel (Intro)
2. Gates of Summer
3. Riders of Rohan
4. Into the Great Unknown
5. May It Be [Enya cover]
6. Mines of Moria (Outro)

7. Travelling through Rivers & Woods of Memories
8. Still Alone in the Path of Life
9. In the Fields of Eternal Spring
10. Subliminal Instructions to the Void

As the inlay makes clear, "this is not a new demo - these are advance tracks for an upcoming album." And so on this basis another AMF cassette release sprung into life in 2006 as a split album with Italian ambient band Symbiosis. I'm making a decision not to detail the Symbiosis tracks in detail here, suffice to say I enjoyed their half of this release and if you like the genre you'll appreciate their material.

Later in 2006 Alex released the "Lothlorien" album, on which are contained a number of the tracks from this tape. The tape also saw the vocal contributions of Hildr Valkyrie who sings in the Folk/Viking Metal genres and has worked with other bands including Folkearth (with Alex and others).

The added female vocals give a different range to this album that transcends much of the previous Uruk Hai work. The Enya cover (the song was featured in the Lord of the Rings films, and thus ties into the Tolkien themes of much of Hugin's work) is a triumph, but so is the contribution to 'Hel' and to 'Riders of Rohan' - it gives the music an almost film-score element which adds to the credibility and to the content.

There are also some quality soothing ambient moments to this tape - I particularly liked the gentle lushness of 'Into The Great Unknown' with it's piano-led melodies being particularly good at summoning images of far-away forests and mountain ranges - and despite the AMF tag that this was not new material I for one obtained this before any of it was subsequently re-recorded for CD so it was all new to me when I enjoyed it!

The beginning of the definitive ethereal Uruk Hai experience ... a worthy release to track down

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