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Title: Schicksalswinde (Moloch remixed by B-Machina)
Format: Cassette Tape
Released: 2008 by W.A.R. (Austria) as part of a limited Moloch box-set. A magnet with box-set title and Moloch runic logo comes with the tape.
Edition: Only 9 copies exist

Track Listing:
01. Berkana
02. By The Winds The Pain Give Born On The Way
03. On Overgroved Paths

Perhaps defining the phrase "hard-to-find", this particular B-Machina work is an exclusive part of the very limited box-set "Traumklange Und Klagelieder" issued in 2008 by Hugin's own W.A.R. Studios for Ukrainian ambient metal band Moloch. Only 9 copies of the box-set were made, so logically the existing number of this particular tape follows suit, as to my knowledge it has not been released officially in its own right.

What you get are not B-Machina original compositions per se, but three Moloch tracks that have been given the remix treatment. Not having heard the original versions I can't begin to comment on how different these versions are, but for certain there is none of the militaristic industrialism that you might normally expect to find on a B-Machina product.

All three tracks are, in essence, capturing elements in Mother Nature in an ambient soundtrack. It's rather difficult to distinguish between the three too, as they run together as you listen to the music, but the outset of the tape is heavily dominated by a blustery wind, over which is lightly phrased some acoustic and string elements. Imagine yourself out in the woods at night, wind swirling around your ears and the faint sounds of distant music coming from out the darkness between the trees, and you're there really!

Very ambient, not overly memorable, but if you're of a mind and temperament to enjoy a heavily wind-based ambient experience (and I know I could have phrased that a little better, but you get my meaning I'm sure) then this particular 40 minutes or so could be right up your avenue.

That said, if the tape is as limited as I think it is then frankly you may never get the chance to hear it as the box-set from which is originates is devilishly expensive and probably sold-out already. Perhaps some later split CD will emerge with these tracks on them, as Uruk-Hai have collaborated with Moloch on split releases in the past so anything is possible for the future I suppose....?

In conclusion, enjoyable but really only essential for completists and fanatical collectors.

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