Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Title: Extraterrestrial Death
Format: Free Internet download, from http://www.smellthestench.net/ (Australia), cat STS NET 002, released 2006
Edition: Unlimited free distribution

Track Listing:
01. Darth Vader (cover) 0:44
02. Lost In Space 10:24
03. Tempus Fugit 4:02
04. Galactic Empire 5:24

Something of a bonus this - a Bonemachine release that exists in more than a miniscule number of copies! In fact, a free Internet-only download release from the Australian Smell The Stench label (point your browser towards http://www.smellthestench.net/ and look for their internet label link, then scroll down to release #002) with .mp3 music and .jepg artwork files free to all.

Regular followers of this Blog will have seen my previous comments regarding the scarcity of some of Alex's releases - well, this is one that you can freely access, download and play so there is no excuse for not experiencing some of this great music.

Essentially a 4 track CD single, this is a rather good release as it gives some space (if you pardon the pun) and freedom for Alex to develop the Bonemachine sound away from it's fairly harsh industrial heartland to a more open, universal feel. An interesting development, and one that I'd encourage all fans to get their ears around.

The opening track is a simple synth cover of the Darth Vader entrance theme music from Star Wars, which is on one hand so simple as to be almost naive but also manages to be eccentric and charming at the same time! The principal track "Lost In Space" manages to get through its ten plus minutes without a single sample from the film/tv programme of the same name, and is in fact a rather excellent piece of music. On the first few play-throughs it reminded me strongly of the sort of music you find on the 'Trainspotting' film score - it's danceable, energetic, memorable and very 90's electronica in nature. For hardcore fans of old-school Bonemachine it would represent something of a shock, I'd wager....

In a curious reversal of theme the final track "Galactic Empire" features a recurring 'ticking clock' sample motif that you'd imagine would be more appropriate for third track 'Tempus Fugit' but what the heck. Both songs are again very listenable and great background music - 'Tempus Fugit' features some homage to the more industrial heritage of the band - and I can happily have the whole of this CD EP playing on loop whilst busying myself with other tasks without switching off from the music.

For a free download, something of a triumph. It's a nice touch to put with the music some quality artwork too, as you can relatively easily produce your own burned CD copy as illustrated. Well done Leigh at 'Stench, and well done Alex too for the music.

A winner!

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