Saturday, 14 February 2009


Title: Burn Down Psychosis
Format: 3" CDr, released on Smell The Stench (Australia) 2007(?)
Edition: Hand-numbered pressing of only 15

Track Listing:
01. March!
02. Flight 19
19. Hidden Track

Sometimes less is more...

This is a circa 20 minute CDr release from B-MACHINA containing but 3 tracks, all of which are really good! We kick off with 'March!', with a machine-generated heavy rhythm developing over the first few minutes of the piece before a familiar sampled melody appears after 3 or so minutes...yes, it's that famous 'fanfare' introduction from "Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World" (a paranormal investigation programme of the 1980's). That brought back a few memories I can tell you, and given the nature of the second track establishes us on something of a paranormal theme.

'Flight 19' commences with a steady drum-based rhythm soon to be overlain with a radio re-enactment of the tranmissions of the infamous lost Flight 1410 hours, the afternoon of 5 December, 1945, U.S. Naval Flight 19, consisting of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers with a total of 14 men aboard, left the Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on an authorized advanced over water navigational training flight and disappeared without a trace. Until the late 1960's , this was just another unfortunate case of some missing planes. Since the late 60's, this case has become one of the key incidents that people point to as a proof that something strange is going on in an area dubbed as "The Bermuda Triangle." Flight 19 even figured the the start of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," in which first the planes and then the men were returned by the alien visitors.

A very well constructed track, which after 4 minutes or so is swamped with an eerie synthesiser and thunder-like background drumming: have aliens descended, are we in a magnestic storm, has the Triangle claimed another group of decide! The pilot voices fade away as the anomaly progresses, and all is finally lost.

At track 19 is a hidden track, which I must admit I only found after the first few plays of this CD. And knock me down, it just might be one of the grooviest B-Machina tracks I've heard. Synths and guitar (electric and acoustic) make for a very funky little piece, bags of energy and actually quite danceable. I've no idea what this track is called as it's unlisted, but hopefully our man Alex can clear that up in due course. A really nice surprise to finish things off with. Edit: Alex has just emailed to say that this track never really had a title, but was made under the working-title "Bone-Pop1"

Of course, as is always the way the extreme limited release of the CDr is the biggest problem to actually hearing this music - 15 copies (and I was lucky to grab the very last, #015) is never going to find a widespread audience but the trouble is the fans too may well miss out. Nirvana for collectors, a nightmare for music-lovers!

Overall, a quality release and one that I'd urge you to track down somehow!

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