Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Title: Bombardements
Format: 3" white CDr
Released: 2006 by Sabbathid Records (Japan) HOOF028
Edition: unnumbered edition of 100

Track Listing:

01. Military Desaster 10:53
02. Jagdschauspiel 3:04
03. Leere Worte 7:35

Bonemachine (since re-born as B-Machina) might best be described as the 'industrial release valve' for Hugin: following a variety of styles over a number of releases but always with roots firmly in the industrial genre. Frequently described online as "Military Industrial" but also spanning a clutch of releases incorporating more folk and ambient aspects, this project is a true musical kaleidoscope and each release brings its own treasures.

This particular one is a firm favourite of mine, possibly because it blends a bit more ambient feel in with light industrial rhythms making it more accessible and less discordant than other albums. Indeed, the first track 'Military Desaster' shows this beautifully, with the space between the music playing as vital a role as the notes played. Beginning with an extract from Churchill's famous 'retreat from Flanders' speech pre-Dunkirk, the underlying atmosphere built up by synths creates an uneasy tension that is accentuated by light piano/string accompaniment and lurking mechanical presence. A long piece, but never outstaying its welcome.

"Jagdschuspiel" is a bit of a favourite, and I suspect Hugin is keen on this one too given that a limited edition sweatshirt bearing the Stag logo and this track title was produced some while ago. The track starts with the traditional brass cry of a hunting horn, which is repeated throughout the song whilst intersperced with mechanical background noise and a 'chorus' of a volley of shots, squelching water/mud. Visual images of the senseless slaughter of animals and soldiers in the trenches will spring unbidden to your mind, especially as the track ends with another, sudden salvo of shots fired....

The final track "Leere Worte" (literally 'void of words') is the final track, the rhythm of which reminds me of the beating heart of a mechanical beast with a gradual building of sound leading to a soundbite of German speech (quite possibly Herr H. himself, balancing up the earlier appearance of Sir Winston) along with the ebb and flow of mechanical sound that to these ears is reminiscent of an air-raid siren.

Some of these tracks appeared as the bonus tracks on the later Bonemachine release "Vogelfrei" (more of which in a later post, no doubt!) so if you are unable to find this particular CDr then all is not lost. That said, I've seen it for sale online so it's one of the more available titles out there.

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