Saturday, 28 February 2009


Title: Another Time
Format: 3" CDr release on T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! (Israel), released 31/10/2007 (ASH016)
Edition: Only 77 hand-numbered copies pressed, the first 7 of which came in a luxury wooden box with postcard insert, blue-coloured CDr, and "original vintage army metal badge, individual for each box." Copies 8-77 came in a small slim-line jewel case on red CDr.

Track Listing:

01. Die Weissen Tore Der Zeit
02. Take A Deep Breath
03. Time After Time

On the face of it a straightforward 3" CDr from Bonemachine, whose three tracks form an industrial journey across the bleakest of wastelands. Whilst not explicitly linked in a conceptual sense, the progression of the three tracks to me gives a sense of travelling across a war-ravaged industrial wasteland, from the outer fringes ('Die Weissen Tore Der Zeit' - 'The White Gates of Time') through harsher post-apocalyptic landscapes ('Take A Deep Breath') and finally into the pulsating mechanical heart of the adversary itself ('Time After Time').

Great packaging from the Israeli label T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! too (a sub-label of The Eastern Front), whose modus operandi by the way is stated as being "an independent noise, experimental, industrial, avant-garde, power-electronics, ambient and related genres label, formed in 2006 and located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The aim of the label is to produce unpopular and not always comfortable for listening music genres in small quantities on CD-R format."

There are only 77 of these CDr, most of which are the red colour version in small case (mine is #17 of the pressing). There are also a limited number of only 7 in a "luxury wooden box" format, which is beautifully laser-etched on the cover with the Bonemachine logo and resembles a book (the box slides opens on the spine). It houses a blue-coloured disc and large, colour insert, and let me tell you it took me an age to finally track one down in, of all places, Brazil! Through the wonders of the Internet this piece (#4) had gone from Israel to Brazil to finally find a home in England. My "vintage metal badge" is of a battleship, and I'm led to understand that the other 6 box-sets have their own individual badges. If you have one, and can tell me what it is of, I'd be delighted to hear from you....

Edit [12/05/09]: I noticed another photo of this release on the B-Machina MySpace pages, which Alex had received from the Eastern Front. This shows the badge to be "a Russian military ship with the russin red star on it" - 3 down, 4 to go....!

Pertinently the second track "Take A Deep Breath" was what I had to do when stumping up the cash to own this box-set - it wasn't cheap, that's all I'm saying!

I'm also very grateful to Alex as he took the trouble to dedicate in gold pen a tribute on the reverse of case to the 'standard' issue of this CDr, namely "War Hails To David! A.W." I'll say it again - a man who cares about people who is into his music.

An intriguing release, worth finding in the cheaper version if you enjoy a bit of full-on ambient industrialism. Not for all tastes though - play it for your girlfriend and she'll most likely look at you as if you'd tried to fart in her handbag. No matter though, we know what it's all about ;o)

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