Tuesday, 10 February 2009

And so, finally, it begins....

Welcome to 'Honour and Darkness' - my online Blog and tribute page to the prolific Austrian musician Hugin. For an artist with so many projects and bands to his credit there is a real dearth of material online to critique and catalogue his work, and with many releases being extremely limited editions or hard-to-find creations of much merit this is an overdue and necessary task!

I'm no musician - I'd be hard pressed to tell you the difference between an arpeggio and an archipelago - but I know what I like and there is much in Hugin's music that speaks to me, so what you'll be reading here are my personal observations, commentaries and analysis of various releases drawn across his various bands.

If you're after a pure chronological discography of the bands, I'd also recommend you to take a look at the listings on http://www.metal-archive.com/ - a most excellent resource!

I'm simply going to pluck items at random from across my collection and have a listen and write some thoughts: this gives me the splendid excuse (were it needed) to revisit some of the obscure and interesting releases I have amassed, whilst hopefully giving you - my honoured audience - a flavour of the work in question. Who knows - with a bit of luck, perhaps it might even encourage you to track down some of these releases and given them a listen for yourselves....?

My thanks to the many who have helped me find and own the items in my collection and credit where credit is due: principally to Alex and Hannelore, to Keegan at SFM Records (Canada) Alexander at AMF (Bulgaria) and to Leigh at Smell The Stench (Australia) in particular, and to too many distros and traders across the world to mention individually.


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